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Goats: Meet the Team

We have a lovely herd of beautiful Nigerian Dwarf goats (who provide our family with delicious creamy sweet milk). We breed for quality milk lines, mothering skills, ease of hand milking, and excellent conformation. We are dedicated to breeding a higher standard of dairy goat. We respect our animals and treat them as our work partners here on our homestead.


We use holistic management with our herd, feed them certified organic hay and a proprietary mix of non-gmo grains for does in milk. Our goats browse in the forest daily and eat an abundance of conifer, birch, cedar, tansy, wild berry and fern that grow on our land. They get ACV in their water, free choice mineral buffet, kelp and herbs. We use herbs and essential oils for parasite prevention. Missy is also learning more about using homeopathy with our herd. We believe in natural medicine for all the animals on our farm and will only stray from that in dire circumstances. 

We do not vaccinate our herd, but do disbud our kids, and castrate using an emasculator. Please see our Sales Policy for more information. 


All of our goats are ADGA registered and conform to the highest breed standards. Our herd is disease free with our most recent negative tests for CL, CAE, Johne's and Q-Fever done in March 2022. We run a closed herd to ensure healthy animals. 

We participate in Linear Appraisal and DHIR (milk testing) and use these programs as tools to improve our herd. 

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