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Dirt. Roots. Family.

We believe that what we put into our bodies matters and that relationships are more important than they've ever been. Our connection to the earth, our food, and one another is something we hold sacred at Irish Acres. It's our promise to honor the wisdom of mother-earth, and to go back to our ancestral roots while tending the land. We are teaching our children that the old ways have a very important role to play in our future. It is our intention to grow food and raise livestock with integrity and purity; and to offer up foods for your family that have been sown, grown, and raised with reverence & love by our family. 

We offer up produce grown using organic practices as well as holistically raised Nigerian Dwarf Goats & Idaho Pasture Pigs. We offer a seasonal CSA and farm fresh products made with intention and love. We're located in the forested mountains just outside of Sandpoint, Idaho. 

May you be blessed with DIRT to grow in, ROOTS to hold on to, and FAMILY to love...

Joe & Missy

About Us: Our Farm
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