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I created The Crunchy Goat after my Instagram inbox became flooded with messages from fellow goat owners looking to raise their goats outside of the box of conventional methods, but struggling to find a mentor to help guide them along the way.  

The Crunchy Goat is a mentorship and community for those looking to raise dairy goats as naturally as possible, but it's also a community for anyone who is homesteading and looking for connection with likeminded women.


Once a month we have a live Zoom class on a new holistic homesteading topic - from goats to gardening and everything inbetween. Each class is then archived for later review by members who can't join live (or those who simply want to go back and listen again). There are quick link resource pages, and lists of holistic must-haves for your herd.  If you're someone looking for support in raising your goats the unconventional way then The Crunchy Goat is for you.

But, wait, there's more! The best part of The Crunchy Goat is our community. The Crunchy goat is full of like-minded ladies who support and encourage one another in becoming proficient and knowledgeable in living as holistically as possible. This is a space where it's actually cool to talk about (and even share videos of) your goats, and other animals. Our community really is what makes The Crunchy Goat extra special.

Here is the current list of groups we have in The Crunchy Goat community: 

  • The Crunchy Goat All Topics Group

  • Goat Emergencies (911 group)

  • Breeding & Kidding

  • Milking & Dairy Processing

  • Gardening

  • Herbal Medicine and Foraging

  • Butchering

  • Homestead Business

  • Handwork (Sewing, knitting, etc)

  • Animal Based Eating

  • Sharecast (Announcements Only)

  • The Crunchy Goat

    Every month
    Classes & Community
    • One live monthly group zoom call, hosted by Missy.
    • 24/7 access to The Crunchy Goat group.
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